Slow Rollout of Vaccines

There’s a new hope in our fight against Covid-19, and that is vaccines. But, the rollout of vaccinating our citizens in the U.S. has been much slower than expected. So far, we’ve vaccinated (mostly just first round), 8 million people. That’s not very many for a country with a population of 350 million. There’s been a stunted rollout that’s been confused by state and local governments. I personally believe the federal government should coordinate this campaign. Since the beginning of the pandemic, there’s been a serious disconnect between our response and the results. I believe this has been the direct result of the piecemeal strategy we’ve allowed to happen by letting the states put together their own campaigns, which even on a local level are often not effective.

Some of the problems have been a lack of vaccine supply on one hand, and a lack of willing patients on the other hand. Many in the older population have been frantically trying to find a vaccination site to get their jab, while many others that have been offered the vaccines have turned them away. It’s time we identify who wants it and get the vaccine supply to them immediately so we can have some meaningful effect on the infection rates. Also, we need further testing on the new vaccines for their long term effects. And further testing on their efficacy and how long they last.

As of now, the Trump administration has been releasing their entire stock of vaccines to help speed up the process. Something they initially didn’t do as they were saving the stock so that people would get their second dose on time. But, medical professionals have started to speculate that a second shot may not be needed from the mRNA vaccines to be effective. There are studies being undertook now to find out what we need to know about that.


A World’s Fate Sealed

The CEO of Moderna has just made a statement that he thinks, as many others do that Covid-19 will become endemic. This is a travesty. This means that we will never be rid of this plague that has brought our health, and economies to their knees. What has China unleashed upon us!? This manmade scourge will seal the world’s fate for decades to come, to varying degrees. It will ruin and stop lives that aren’t powerful enough to withstand it’s virulence.

It’s time people got serious about their health. The time is NOW. If you’re not eating well, exercising, getting proper vitamins… then start now! Having a healthy immune system is your best defense against this wicked intruder. And the time couldn’t be better than now as there is a new more contagious strain on our shores. It’s over half as powerful to infect it’s victims. The strain fortunately doesn’t seem to be more deadly, or serious. But, it’s effects will be far reaching as the more people are infected the more will fall from this plague.

You should take these vitamins at a minimum to help protect yourself from getting infected, and to survive it. Take vitamin D, C, B6, Zinc, Quercetin, and a multivitamin. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat. Drink plenty of water. Get rest. Relax. Exercise regularly. And wear a mask while indoors in public spaces. While the mask alone won’t prevent infection in some cases, unless it’s a N95 mask. It will help to reduce the viral load if you do get sick which has a direct effect on your illness. Also, keep distance… that’s almost more important than a mask. But, both work together in conjunction. Be safe, and stay healthy in 2021.


Could Your Blood Type Hold The Key to Covid-19

New research carried out in laboratories across the world have shown that certain blood types are more susceptible to getting infected with Covid-19 and to getting more serious disease from it if infected. Are you one of them? So far, research has shown that type O blood, one of the most common seems to be less susceptible to getting the illness. If you’re type A, B, or A/B you’re more likely to get infected and/or have a more serious outcome. But, these are only one piece of the puzzle so don’t be discouraged if you happen to have one of the more susceptible blood types. Covid-19 is becoming a far more survivable disease when treated early! (don’t wait to get treatment if you’re experiencing more than very mild symptoms, or are high risk with underlying illnesses no matter what you’re symptomology is at the time).

If you don’t know your blood type, it would be wise to find out so that you know if you’re in a higher risk category for getting the illness. Prevention is key. The virus is very contagious, so always wear a mask and DISTANCE… that’s the real key. New studies are starting to question how effective masks are at prevention, but they do reduce viral load which is reason enough to wear one. Viral load has a direct effect on the seriousness of your infection. More viral load means more potential symptoms, or worse. So, please wear one when in public indoors.

Allergies COVID-19

A New Hope

There’s a new hope in the fight against Covid-19… 2 vaccines that have received emergency approval. It’s been a long 2020, and the first half of 2021 is likely to be just as bitter unfortunately. But, we’re slowly making progress towards herd immunity through both the vaccines and natural immunity from those who have had a Covid infection and have natural immunity. So, what do these new vaccines have to do with herd immunity? When the virus is looking for new hosts to infect, those with higher immunity will be immune and when an area reaches a certain level of immunity the virus will run out of hosts and thus drastically slow the virus, or someday even wipe it out. Now, in the case of Covid it’s unlikely we’ll ever eradicate it. It’s what is called an endemic virus, but it can be managed. And we’re on the right path to doing so now.

So, what do you need to know about the new vaccines? They’re both based on a new technology that utilizes mRNA. Which is a messenger vaccine. It’s the first of it’s kind, used in vaccines or in humans. And on such a large scale it’s going to be quite the test of it’s efficacy and safety. There are other companies in phase 3 trials for attenuation vaccines. These vaccines use an inactive or dead piece of virus to show your immune system the bad guy without causing an infection. So that when it does encounter the real virus it will know to attack it and keep you from getting sick, or you’ll get a milder sickness than you would have before getting the vaccine. The messenger vaccines send a message to your cells to create a replica of the virus, so that it trains your immune system on what to look out for and it will attack the virus if encountered.

Side effects and adverse reactions, should I be worried? That depends. If you’re someone that has experienced a serious allergy to a drug or food in the past, it’s advised that you don’t take these vaccines (Moderna and Pfizer). There may be safer alternatives for you in the future from one of the many (over 100 companies!) companies that are developing vaccines now. It’s highly likely you’ll find a good match at some point. Especially if you try one using the old school attenuation type technology.

In summary… if you’re a person that may be at high risk for serious disease you should take a vaccine. If you’re someone who wants to help bring this pandemic to an end and don’t have serious allergies, you should take it. If enough people take it there will be control over this insideous disease. If not, this pandemic will rage on. And no one wants that right?!

COVID-19 Vitamins

Covid-19 Vaccine Launches

So, today’s the BIG DAY! The Pfizer vaccine has been approved for emergency use and it’s being rolled out to front line workers and long term care residents who are the most vulnerable to getting infected. This is a coordinated rollout with many moving parts and it will be a historic victory if our government and the private sector are able to manage it properly. This could help turn the next chapter on this devastating pandemic.

Dr. Fauci says that we may be able to see some version of normal by this summer, and even more in the fall of 2021. I’m excited! I bet you are too. We’re all weary from the pandemic, the rules, the fear of getting infected. It’s turned our world literally upside down almost overnight. But, there’s hope in sight now finally.

Next, how to make it until you’re vaccinated? VITAMINS! Be certain to get adequate amounts of vitamin D, vitamin C, and Zinc. These have been shown to be very effective in studies for avoiding serious disease. So, to your health and a more normal 2021!