A World’s Fate Sealed

The CEO of Moderna has just made a statement that he thinks, as many others do that Covid-19 will become endemic. This is a travesty. This means that we will never be rid of this plague that has brought our health, and economies to their knees. What has China unleashed upon us!? This manmade scourge will seal the world’s fate for decades to come, to varying degrees. It will ruin and stop lives that aren’t powerful enough to withstand it’s virulence.

It’s time people got serious about their health. The time is NOW. If you’re not eating well, exercising, getting proper vitamins… then start now! Having a healthy immune system is your best defense against this wicked intruder. And the time couldn’t be better than now as there is a new more contagious strain on our shores. It’s over half as powerful to infect it’s victims. The strain fortunately doesn’t seem to be more deadly, or serious. But, it’s effects will be far reaching as the more people are infected the more will fall from this plague.

You should take these vitamins at a minimum to help protect yourself from getting infected, and to survive it. Take vitamin D, C, B6, Zinc, Quercetin, and a multivitamin. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat. Drink plenty of water. Get rest. Relax. Exercise regularly. And wear a mask while indoors in public spaces. While the mask alone won’t prevent infection in some cases, unless it’s a N95 mask. It will help to reduce the viral load if you do get sick which has a direct effect on your illness. Also, keep distance… that’s almost more important than a mask. But, both work together in conjunction. Be safe, and stay healthy in 2021.

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