Could Your Blood Type Hold The Key to Covid-19

New research carried out in laboratories across the world have shown that certain blood types are more susceptible to getting infected with Covid-19 and to getting more serious disease from it if infected. Are you one of them? So far, research has shown that type O blood, one of the most common seems to be less susceptible to getting the illness. If you’re type A, B, or A/B you’re more likely to get infected and/or have a more serious outcome. But, these are only one piece of the puzzle so don’t be discouraged if you happen to have one of the more susceptible blood types. Covid-19 is becoming a far more survivable disease when treated early! (don’t wait to get treatment if you’re experiencing more than very mild symptoms, or are high risk with underlying illnesses no matter what you’re symptomology is at the time).

If you don’t know your blood type, it would be wise to find out so that you know if you’re in a higher risk category for getting the illness. Prevention is key. The virus is very contagious, so always wear a mask and DISTANCE… that’s the real key. New studies are starting to question how effective masks are at prevention, but they do reduce viral load which is reason enough to wear one. Viral load has a direct effect on the seriousness of your infection. More viral load means more potential symptoms, or worse. So, please wear one when in public indoors.

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